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Music Commentary

An exploration of songs and songwriting via the music of Scott Simpson and Dancin’ Moon Studio of Spearfish Canyon in the Black Hills of South Dakota

May 15, 2020

Dancin’ Moon Songcast Ep. 44 Mitak’ Oyasin


Featured song from 2018's A. Dream L

Mitak' Oyasin

On the prairie— on the Great Plains 
Before the highways and the long coal trains
Lived a people, with a kinship
Grandfather put them on this land in friendship
All family, blood through the veins
Of the people and the nations and the grasses and the rains
No “wilderness,” no fear...
Those indigenous nations still living right here—

Still livin’ right here
Still livin’ right here
Still livin’ right here
Still livin’ right here

A hundred policies made, tried to take em
A hundred treaties signed, just to break em
They stand together for the sake of the water
All the seventh-generation grandsons and granddaughters
It can seem lonely—but they’re not alone
Singing prayers for the spirits of the ones who passed on
Open your eyes to the beauty you’re crossing
Learn how to walk in Mitak’ Oyasin.

Mitak’ Oyasin
Mitak’ Oyasin
Mitakuye Oyasin
Mitak’ Oyasin

(repeat all)

To learn more from indigenous Elder across South Dakota and North Dakota, visit:




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